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Frequently Asked (See also PHTA Help)

Are there any age restrictions?
There is no upper limit, but we will only accept students over 21 years of
age as a degree of maturity and "life experience" is helpful.

What if I have done other courses?
It may be possible to complete the Diploma more quickly, leaving out
certain modules provided proof of an acceptable training is shown.

When do courses begin?
The two year integrative Diploma is a rolling, modular course and can be
joined at different stages throughout the year.

What happens when I apply?
If you apply for the Two Year Integrative Diploma course, you will be
invited to join the class for half a day without obligation. An informal
interview takes place during the morning, and if you are offered a place
you may then make your decision. Interviews normally take place on the
first Saturday of the month.

Do you also run other courses?
Our Clinical Hypnosis Diploma is currently being reviewed. EFT Certificate
courses have become increasingly popular and are now offered by our
dedicated division - the EFT Training Academy. Please visit the website.

How do I apply?
Simple, just print the relevant application form from the website, fill it in
and post it to us. We will confirm receipt.

I haven't studied for some time, will I keep up?
Many of our students have not studied for some time and are in full time
employment so the course is structured with this in mind. Everything is
clearly explained and manageable. We are available to help you if you
need it, and if circumstances dictate that you need a little extra time to
complete homework, we are flexible.

How many in a class?
We try to keep classes to a manageable size so you can receive proper
attention. Classes are normally between ten and fifteen students.

What happens if I have to miss a class?
The unique structure of the two year diploma means that missed classes
can be re-taken at a later date at no extra cost.

What kind of person takes this course?
All kinds of people from all types of background. Some have psychology
backgrounds, some are from the social work sector, some are practising
therapists/psychologists and some have no particularly relevant
background. Come with enthusiasm and an open mind, prepared to
commit yourself to the training and you will be fine. You are likely to
learn quite a lot about yourself along the way!

Are the courses professionally accredited?
Our courses are independently accredited by the General Hypnotherapy
Standards Council National Council (including the General Hypnotherapy Register),
the National Council for Hypnotherapy and the National Council of Psychotherapists,
three of the longest established and most respected bodies representing
independent therapists in the United Kingdom.

On completion of the courses, will I be ready to see clients?
Yes, our courses are designed to provide both the therapy skills and the
practical skills you will need to set up in practise. If you have any doubts
or concerns we are available to help and advise you.

How long has PHTA been training?
PHTA was established in 1987. We have been running successful courses
ever since. This gives us a great deal of experience in the best ways to
deliver training.

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